First night in Dali Ancient Town.
Dali Ancient Town sits between Erhai Lake and a large mountain range in Northwest Yunnan.
Dali retained a lot of its traditional architecture. Most shops and restaurants in the old town maintains this style.
A moon gate is a traditional architectural element in China.
Dali & Kunming is known for having spring like weather all year long, I went in late December and the flowers were blossoming.
An old street with traditional stone tiles in Lijiang, a town just north of Dali.
Three Pagodas of the Chongsheng Temple is within walking distance of Dali Ancient Town and is highly recommended.
The three pagodas form an equalateral triangle. They are made of brick and covered with white mud.
A view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from the Black Dragon Pool. Very exciting park names here..
A man planying the 'erhu', a traditional chinese instrument, at the Black Dragon Pool.
A view of the traditional tile roofs of the structures in Lijiang Ancient Town, a town roughly 2.5 hours North of Dali by bus.
I had some delicious traditional rice noodles in Lijiang, they even let me make it myself.
Like most dishes in the Southwest parts of China, these noodles were spicy!
The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a mountain range just north of Lijiang. Its highest peak is 5,596 m (18,360 ft) above sea level. Be prepared, this place is popular.
Looking across Mirror Lake, Blue Moon Valley, at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The water is impossibly clear and has this beautiful turquoise color.
I hear the waterfalls are man-made, which is a bit dissapointing. However, it is still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.