Beacuse the NIO HQ is located in the suburbs of Shanghai. I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing city on multiple occasions. Shanghai is a modern metropolis with a lot of history, amazing foods, and one of the most amazing skylines in the world. The photo above was taken from VUE, a rooftop bar located at the top of Hyatt on the Bund.

A vew of the Shanghai World Financial Center from the observation deck of the Shanghai Tower. This building is also known as 'the bottle opener' due to the giant hole at the top of the building. Google has an office in this building.

Rooftop bars are a thing in Shanghai, and I made it a mission to check out as many as I could while I was there. Here are some notable ones. I like the Captain Hostel, it is the more 'down to earth' of the bunch. Many high end bars are a bit too rich for my blood.

The three tallest skyscrapers of Shanghai. Shanghai World Financial Center (492m, Left), the Jin Mao Tower (420m, Middle) and the Shanghai Tower (632m, Right)
A small side street in the Former French Concession district.

One of my favorite things about visiting Shanghai is the food. There is so much variety and flavor in the dishes. Below is a highlight reel of some of the meals I enjoyed in Shanghai!

The latest generation FuXingHao (front) and an older model. China's high speed rail system is quite good.
Suzhou is called 'the Venice of the East'. Given how old the city is, maybe Venice should be called 'the Suzhou of the West". Anyways, Suzhou is very close to Shanghai, less than an hour away by rail! I met up with my parents for a long weekend, it was wonderful!
Enjoying some Budweiser, we thought it was a local brew but it was not. We were dissapointed.
A very young couple hanging out in the streets of Suzhou.
View of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The middle 'pearl' has a skydeck with a glass floor. I'd avoid if you are afraid of heights.
View from the observation deck of the Shanghai Tower, this is the tallest observation deck in the world @ 562.1 meters.
Rainy night in Shanghai. I was walking back to my hotel and got hit by a sudden rainstorm. I took cover under a bridge on an overpass. The reflections, smog, and colorful lights of the city at night made for some great photos.
Families enjoying the nice weather in People's Square, a major public transportation hub and one of the largest public parks in Shanghai.
A view of some high-rise apartments and older Shanghai lane houses.
Rainy morning walk in a park in Shanghai.
Many famous artists tour in Shanghai. This is ZHU. Nightlife in Shanghai is pretty wild.
What kind of club would have live baby sharks swimming at the entrance?
M1NT, of course. Home of the 200 RMB cocktails. This is one of the places rich kids go and show off, the other being Found 158.
NIO Day 2018 - Featuring the launch of the brand new NIO ES6. NIO's CEO, Li Bin, presents a new product every year at the annual NIO DAY. I went to Shanghai without a ticket, but ended up getting in thanks to my friend Amin.
NIO's unique HQ in Anting, Shanghai. The complex has an interesting design, both modern and industrial.
Doing some Automatic Emergency Braking testing near Shanghai. I had the privilege to work with many fantastic engineers from the NIO China team. It was a great opportunity to learn from them and to witness their amazing work ethic. That 996 life.
Work hard, play hard. The work's gotta get the work done at the end of the day, rain or shine.

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